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Warranty Information

The Optimum Series 4 single and dual beam LED headlight bulbs and drivers are backed by a Lifetime Warranty against defects. A lifetime warranty on bulbs that are already built to last for years, means you will probably be trading in your car before needing to buy another set of LED headlight bulbs. 

On the very rare occasion one of our LED headlight bulbs stop working, there is a small amount of troubleshooting you will need to do to find out what needs to be replaced. The defect rate is so low, it probably won’t be the bulb. It may be a bad driver, loose/broken plug on the vehicles wiring harness, or a bad fuse.

  • Unplug the driver from the bulb that isn't working, and from the vehicle's wiring harness. Set it aside. 
  • Remove the driver from the bulb that is working, and plug it into the bulb that isn't. 
  • If it works, we know the driver that you set aside is defective. If it doesn't, continue. 
  • Remove the bulb that isn't working, and plug it into the cars wiring harness on the side with the bulb that is working, using either of the drivers, since we know those are both good. 
  • If it works, than you have an issue with a fuse, the wiring harness wiring, or the wiring harness plug. 
  • If it doesn't work, we know the bulb is defective. 
  • Let us know via the Return procedure, and we will replace what is defective.