Hodenn 2 Inch Forklift Hitch Receiver Dual Pallet Fork Adapter

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  • Use dual fork hitch receiver to move your large trailer and boats easily.
  • The suitable fork has a maximum width of 6 inch and a maximum thickness of 1.3 inch.
  • Forklift Hitch length: 14 inches, width: 9.5 inches, height: 2.2 inches.It weighs approximately 41 lbs.
  • Heavy duty steel construction.Maximum load capacity is 6,500 pounds.
  • Simply slide the adapter on to the forks, slide in your hitch, and get to work.

Designed for 2-inch class III and class IV inserts.Fit for forks up to 5” wide and is compatible with 2-inch trailer hitches. Easy to Install:Slide the adapter onto the forks, then attach your hitch. Next, drill 1/2-inch holes directly through the arms of the pallet blades. Finally, secure the system in place by locking the pins in. You could also use a chain to hold the adapter in place. With this converter, you won’t need to run out and buy more machinery to tow things. It will conveniently transform your pallet forks into towing implements. Made from durable steel, this trailer hitch receiver will withstand intemperate weather and unfavorable climate conditions with ease. Since it’s made from strong, sturdy steel, it can support an impressive weight capacity of up to 6500 lbs., allowing you to tow large trailers and other HD towable implements.