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Optimum Series 4 LED Headlight Bulbs.


What is the difference between raw and effective lumen?

  • The raw lumen number is recorded in the first few milliseconds after the bulb is turned on, then it quickly declines to its effective “real world” lumen as the LED chips heat up. It should not be relied on solely when purchasing LED bulbs, because they will all lose between 30-75% of their lumen after those first few milliseconds. How much is lost depends on several variables. The quality of components used in manufacturing, engineering, thermal management, reflective design of the vehicles lamp housing, and quality of power supplied to the bulbs. Our bulbs are manufactured with the highest quality components, and advanced thermal management so they lose less lumen than all other bulbs. Most sites purposely advertise the raw lumen at 8000 or more, which is also often quite bloated, but don’t tell you it’s the raw lumen, and the total of both bulbs. They are being purposely deceptive to make you think you are getting a much brighter bulb than you are actually getting, and taking advantage of the consumer that doesn’t know about raw and effective lumen. Their bulbs are so poorly made that the effective lumen would be too embarrassing to advertise. Sadly, we checked every other seller, and save one, nobody was honest enough to give the effective lumen. Only stating the higher raw lumen number, and tricking the consumer, is the only way they can sell their bulbs. The effective lumen is the true brightness of an LED bulb.

What makes one LED bulb better than another?

  • The quality of the components, the engineering and design, the manufacturing process, and quality control. The cheap bulbs are just that, cheap, in every way, and have a very high defect rate. They can be sold at $40-$120 because it only takes a few dollars to make them. The wholesale cost of our bulbs is higher than the retail cost of most of the cheap bulbs on the market, that's how much difference there is in quality.