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Optimum Series 4 LED Headlight Bulbs

Optimum Series 4
LED Headlight Bulbs

The Optimum Series 4 LED Headlight Bulbs are the highest quality, and brightest in the industry!

Please take the time to read this, so you have all the facts to make an informed decision.

Due to not being able to compete with all the false advertising going on in this market, we are going to the mattresses. It's time for some legal comparative advertising, supported by the Federal Trade Commission to help the consumer make a more informed decision, and to finally have the facts come out. We are not affiliated with any company we mention, and we are not speaking derogatorily about them, just stating the facts. Most websites are stretching the truth to trick you into buying an inferior bulb, but we are focusing on one site that sells the same bulbs that we do. 

Headlight Revolution sells the GTR Lighting Ultra Series Gen 3 for $199-$239, along with many other brands, and has created numerous videos on the GTR Lighting bulbs, and how in every test against any other bulb, they come out on top. We sell the exact same bulbs, from the same manufacturer as GTR Lighting. What's surprising, is that although they still sell the GTR Lighting bulbs, they are stating that the Supernova V.4, are "probably the brightest bulb on the market today", and "blows everything else out of the water". Those statements deceive the consumer into thinking they are better than the GTR Lighting bulbs, and by extension, ours too, which they are not. The video states that they come in at 36 watts each, with 3600 raw lumens and 1340 maximum lux, will fit almost any application, and since they are Can Bus, it's very rare that you will need any PWM or anti-flicker module.    

The GTR Lighting Ultra Series Gen 3, the exact same bulbs we sell, have been doing everything the Supernova V.4 can for years already, and only needs 25 watts to produce 3700 raw lumens, and 1730 maximum lux, (1800 per the factory), 390 more maximum lux (460 if you go by the factory specs), and with a more accurate beam pattern. You can watch the public YouTube Headlight Revolution videos of each bulb tested against others and coming out on top to see the lumen and lux to see which one is truly better. GTR Lighting is HERE. Supernova V.4 is HERE. One more thing, the Supernova V.4 only has a 2 year warranty, compared to our Lifetime Warranty. 

Now that some comparative advertising has been done, you can buy our bulbs with confidence knowing they are the best, and at a very reasonable price.    

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